• Cal. 12/67
  • V2,5= 450m/s
  • : 26,5 gram

Practical shotgun shooters will highly welcome the most important innovation in the new GECO Coated Competition Slug: the fact that it is coated. Apart from this, the powder charge, velocity and projectile weight are optimally adjusted to the IPSC shooting with a shotgun.

The GECO Coated Competition Slug offers the following advantages:

  • Almost no barrel leading thanks to its teflon-coated projectile
  • Very little air pollution due to lead vapour
  • Short case length for higher capacity in tubular magazines
  • High velocity of 450 m/sec (V2.5) makes leading moving targets unnecessary
  • Practical 100-shot packaging with carry strap
  • Low recoil

12G Geco Competition Slug 26G (100Rds)

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