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This 6mm Rem cartridge by Hornady Superformance is loaded with a 95 grain Super Shock Tip (SST) projectile. The appropriately named SST delivers absolutely crippling shock on impact, the devastating effect of which is compounded by rapidly ensuing expansion. This bullet sports a secant ogive profile and a boat tail to raise its ballistic coefficient, letting it retain its velocity far downrange that it may inflict superior energy upon impact. Once it connects with its target, the SST’s polymer tip wedges deeply within its core to cause dramatic mushrooming. The SST features Hornady’s own InterLock ring that mechanically secures its jacket and core together, which along with its mid-body cannelure ensures it can retain the weight it takes to penetrate a whitetail’s torso deeply.

As a Superformance load, this cartridge is loaded with a progressive propellant that raises a rifle’s muzzle velocity by up to 200 fps without increasing its recoil or sensitivity to temperature, and without negatively impacting accuracy, either.


SKU: 6MM Hornady rem
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