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The calibre .300 BLK was specifically designed for subsonic shooting in urban terrain. The proportion of the chamber size and the amount of powder are optimised to ensure constant pressure build up and first hit probability. The highly precise loading technique allows a cartridge load very close to the sound barrier, but without risking a supersonic bang. Even at subsonic speed the heavy subsonic bullet provides enough energy to achieve a good terminal target effect. Tight production tolerances and small production batches ensure constant ballistic values and stringent quality controls guarantee identical trajectory from batch to batch.

  • Cartridge .300 BLK
  • projectile HPBT, 14.3 g / 220 gr
  • projectile material tombac jacket, lead core HP
  • ballistic coefficient G1 0.4166 (ICAO)
  • primer / propellant SINOXID / double base powder
  • case material CuZn - alloy
  • cartridge weight 22.3 g
  • term of reference C.I.P.
  • mean chamber pressure max. 3 700 bar (53 664 psi) (21°C)
  • muzzle velocity 315 m/s (1 033 fps) 450 mm barrel
  • muzzle energy 709 J
  • accuracy at 100 m Sa ≤ 10 mm
  • Provides a minimal accoustic profile to maintain the element of surprise Physical and ballistic characteristics ensure subsonic flight in all environmental conditions Best first hit probability due to an optimised powder chamber


SKU: ruag300sub
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