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Product.338 Lapua Mag.

SWISS P Ball Caliber8.6x70 / .338 Lapua Mag.

Projectile FMJ.

Projectile material tombac jacket, lead core

Lead free No.





Designed for Army snipers, the SWISS P Ball, provides outstanding accuracy over an enhanced operation range. The reliable primer and temperature stable powder achieve constant ballistic values and stringent quality controls guarantee identical trajectory from batch to batch.
A wide range of special purpose bullets provide the desired terminal effect on hard and soft targets on every mission. All .338 Lapua Mag. SWISS P rounds have an identical point of impact at 300 m which allows the shooter to instantly change the bullet type.

  • Match grade accuracy
  • Minimised muzzle flash for better concealement of the shooter
  • Temperature independent propellant guarantees a consistent point of impact

Ruag 338Lapua Mag FMJ 252Gr (10Rds)

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