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New Ammo Manufactured by RUAG SWISS.
Brand: Swiss P
Model: Blackround
Caliber: 9mm
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket-Tombac
Bullet Weight: 124gr

SWISS P blackround TM 9x19mm NATO ammunition is loaded to military specifications. These military-grade 124-grain FMJ cartridges are designed to offer the highest power and velocity specifications, maximum accuracy and performance. This ammunition has a sealed case mouth and primer ensuring reliable ignition, cycling and ballistics in the harshest conditions.
• Mouth and primer sealed for better storage and more reliable function in all environmental conditions
• Built to NATO military-standards
• Staked primer
• Mil-Spec M2A2 military can reducing ammunition degradation

Ruag SwissP 9MM - Blackround FMJ (100 Rds)

SKU: Swiss P 9mm BR
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