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Sellier & Bellot launches a brand new, modern technology for the manufacture of 22 Long Rifl e cartridges. | Highly accurate bullets with a new design: • Manufactured from precision, graphite-coated lead slug • Consistently precise bullet shape down to one hundredth of a millimetre • Precise bullet weight within a tolerance of ± 0.02 g | Superior loading: • Minimum differences in bullet speed • Exact primer dose within ± 0.002 g • Propellants within ± 0.01 g

Bullet Weight: grs 40 / g 2.60
Diameter in: 0.200
Sectional Density lb/in²: 0.143
Features: N/A
Material of jacket:  Lead
Cartridge Material: CuZn 30
Casings: N/A
Power Factor Estimated kgr·fps: N/A
Ballistic coefficient Calculation G1: 0.110
+P Ammunition: No
Test barrel length mm: 600
Suggested use: N/A
Features: Reliable Functioning, Economical

Sellier & Bellot .22LR- HV.40Gr (1000Rds)

  • Please contact The CG and AMMO-ZONE Sales Team for information about terms and conditions of our Shipping of Section 1,2 & 5 Goods.

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